Manett´s Mega Shine

Multi-purpose Car & Moto Detailing Product

• Cleaning & Residue Removal
• Conditions & Protects
• Clean Neutral Scent
• Showroom Level Shine
• Lasts Twice As Long

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Multi-purpose car detailing product for the basic detailers, car show enthusiasts, and motorcycle riders.

(shipping costs are included in the price except for Hawaii & Alaska)
We also offer 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums upon request. For more details CALL or EMAIL us.

No Alcohol = Non Flammable

Manett's Mega Shine conditions and restores your tires, vinyl, plastic, running boards, bed liners, and saddle bags which helps extend the life span of your car or bike. It applies a showroom floor shine, without leaving any greasy residue because it completely dries within 30 seconds, eliminating any possible sling back. For the hard core detail enthusiast, it is completely safe to detail under your hood because it's non flammable. We also guarantee our results will last longer than any other product.


Manett's Mega Shine can be used on the following surfaces:
Paint, Chrome, Glass, Leather, Plastic, Vinyl, Dip, Rubber, Rims, and Hoses

Shake well for 20 seconds for best results:

• Apply with foam sponge or application pad
• Spray directly on source & apply evenly
• Let solution soak in for 30 seconds
• Gently wipe off excess on rims & glass
• Detail car in well ventilated area
• Do not apply to brakes or gas pedals

CAUTION: May cause eye irritation. Contains silicones, nonionic surfactants, and other ingredients. Immediately & thoroughly flush eyes with water and if ingested seek medical attention.



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